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Victoria goes Green

In order to make the environmental impact of our facility more sustainable, we have implemented some small measures aimed at reducing our energy consumption and consequently the use of fossil fuels. Also to this end, we have also decided to apply ISO 14001 procedures.

Photovoltaic System

We are particularly proud of our photovoltaic system, which is fully integrated into the architecture of the structure and therefore free of any visual impact : at certain times of the year it is able to produce renewable energy up to 100% of our energy needs, without any emission of greenhouse gases, nor use of fossil fuels; this also applies to our solar thermal system for the production of “clean” hot water.

Solar Greenhouse

We are currently working on our new project: a “solar greenhouse” i.e., a telescopic and automated, glass roof that will be installed on the inner courtyard of the structure, producing further significant energy savings, as well as, of course, making the courtyard usable at all times of the year.

Domotic Management

Management with home automation of the rooms and common areas ensures automatic and remote delivery of all services, thus reducing water and energy waste. For the same purpose, we have equipped our rooms with “energy saver” device that automatically cuts off the supply of air conditioning, both hot and cold, the moment the balcony or window is opened.

Another small gesture aimed at reducing energy waste, and especially the dispersion of surfactants into the environment, is to ask our customers to want to highlight that they need changing, thus avoiding unnecessary washing of clean linens. In the case of long stays, we have also contextually adopted a more modern trend with respect to changing bed linen.

Electric Recharge

In the parking area also we have made available to our guests an electric vehicle charging station that we will implement in the near future to render a service to those who have chosen to convert their mobility to electric with zero emissions.

We are striving to eliminate the use of plastic permanently in favor of biocompatible materials.

We do not yet claim to be able to call ourselves completely environmentally sustainable, there is a long way to go, but we certainly have every intention of working toward this goal, which with the cooperation of our guests is getting closer every day.